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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 4th weekend

This weekend we stayed in town and did some things around the house and tried to relax a little. On Saturday, we'd planned to meet the Froelich's at the beach, but it rained quite a bit so we just went over to their house instead. They have a whole bunch of kids for Connor and Paige to play with and they all had a wonderful time playing together.

At home, we watched Wimbledon and the kids played.

The highlight of the weekend for our kids is when we found a dog wandering around on the golf course behind our house. He'd been out there for a little while when I noticed him and after we saw him alone out there for a while, Connor and I went out to check on him. He was desperately hot and thirsty. He drank two bowls full of water and we dumped some water on him and blew a fan on him. He had a collar, but no tags. Since it was on the 4th, the animal shelter wasn't open, but we did find an emergency vet that was open. We took him up there and they scanned him, but he didn't have a microchip.

We ended up texting a neighbor, who thought it might be our next door neighbor's dog. We brought him by, but nobody answered the door. We went to a few other neighbors' houses and eventually another neighbor thought that maybe the dog was our next door neighbor's dog. Just as we were talking to them, our next door neighbor came out looking for the dog so we were able to return him. His name is Cubby, and apparently he likes to run around on the golf course. They're not sure how he got out, but we are happy that it all got figured out. Connor liked the adventure quite a bit, especially ringing the neighbors' doors and meeting them.

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