Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Playing School with Paige

Paige and Connor both have adjusted well to their new school, and Andrea and I were just talking the other day about it and realized that neither one of them have ever said they don't like school or don't want to go to school. Paige actually likes it so much that during story time at night, we play "school".

We act out an entire day, and Paige pretends her name is "little Lucy". First, I pretend to be her daddy and I wake her up in her bed, then pretend to make her breakfast and get her ready for school. Next, she goes to the other side of the room to the "bus stop" and I pretend to be the grumpy bus driver who drives her to school. I like to crash the bus, but Paige doesn't like that one bit. Once we get to school, I'm her teacher and we do some reading, assignments, eat lunch, go to recess, and finally she goes "home" to the other side of the room. Finally, I'm daddy again and I review her school work, feed her dinner, then tuck her in to bed. I guess it must mean that she has a pretty good life since it's pretty much her exact daily routine that we play act.

Paige showed Mommy her "schoolwork" and Andrea thought it was cute so we took a video of Paige reading it and explaining it before she went to bed.

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