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Sunday, December 10, 2017

December Disney Cruise on the Magic - Key West, Nassau, and Castaway Cay - With Grandma and Grandpa Vernon

This past week we boarded the Disney Magic in Miami for a Christmas cruise with Grandma and Grandpa Vernon. The drive was a bit over 5 hours and reminded us why we haven't been on a cruise from Miami in years. After getting aboard, we watched the sailing away party on the top deck and then we unpacked and explored the boat for a while.

For dinner, Paige dressed up in her Tiana dress and we took a few pics with some of the Christmas decorations.

The first night's show was the Cinderella sequel musical "Twice Charmed" and we all went and got great seats. We sat in the same seats for all the shows and were three rows back right in the middle. The Magic is one of the smaller boats, so it wasn't too much trouble to find seats.

On Thursday the boat stopped at Key West and we had a lot of plans for the day. Paige put on her Jasmine outfit and we went to the princess gathering in the morning to meet some of the princesses.

We were a little disappointed there were only three princesses at the gathering, but Belle looked pretty in her Christmas gown, which made up for it.

After the princess gathering, we went to a gingerbread making event and we put together three houses. The main difficulty was working with the sticky icing, but it was yummy and we all managed to put together the houses. Grandma and Grandpa made one house, Andrea and Connor made one together, and Paige and I got ours together.

After we brought the gingerbread houses back to our rooms we got off the boat for a little while and walked around Key West. Andrea and I had considered doing a jet ski tour or something, but were worried it'd be too cool. It actually ended up pretty warm, probably the low 80's. We ended up just doing some shopping and took some pictures around the area. We ate at Sloppy Joe's (Andrea and I ate there last time we were in town) which was very yummy.

After we got back on board, we relaxed for a little while and then got Paige together for her Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique appointment. Paige wore her Rapunzel dress, which was perfect since the "Tangled" musical was scheduled for the evening.

After Paige's makeover was complete, we took some pics with our Disney friends and then had dinner and went to the show.

After the Tangled musical, we went to a "Who wants to be a Mouseketeer" game show. Unfortunately we didn't get picked, but we did win a couple of souvenir pins in the raffle afterwards.

Friday morning was Nassau day, and we decided a while ago that we won't get off at that port unless the boat sinks. After breakfast we went to see Anna and Elsa at the Frozen meet and greet.

After Anna and Elsa, we went to see Santa. We knew it was going to be a popular event, so we got there early and were third in line. While we were waiting, some carolers came by, as well as a whole bunch of Disney characters. We sang a bit and took the opportunity to get some pics with our Disney friends.

Santa made a big entrance and greeted everyone, and then he sat down and started seeing all the kids. He was nice and patient since we were some of the first to go and he chatted with Connor and Paige for a couple of minutes about what they wanted for Christmas. We thought he seemed nice, but Paige didn't think he was the best looking Santa she's seen.

The rest of the day we goofed off on the boat. We played some foosball and ping pong, watched some movies, and ate some snacks. In the afternoon we saw the new Pixar movie "Coco", which everyone liked very much. The show after dinner was a magician and Paige and Grandma Alice went to see it. Connor went to the kids club, and Andrea watched some movies in the room. Grandpa Rick and I went to see "Thor Ragnarok" in the theater. 

On Saturday, the boat docked at Castaway Cay, and we were thrilled that we were able to make the stop. The weather forecast had looked terrible all week, and it was very windy Saturday morning, but after a lot of effort the crew was able to get us tied up and we were able to get off the boat. The water was cooler than we'd like, and it was hard to throw the football with the gusting wind, but we were able to enjoy the beach, eat the BBQ, and had a nice day at Castaway Cay.

The wind started to pick up afternoon, and we went back aboard and got inside before it started to rain.

That evening we enjoyed our last dinner on board together in Carioca's. We had really good waitstaff during the cruise and we all had some good conversation about our childhoods. Connor was cute at dinner and loved to ask everyone lots of questions.

Sunday morning we got our things together and got off the boat after a long wait and long line. We typically get off very early, but this morning we took our time and ended up trying to get off when a lot of people were. I'm typing this on our drive home, and we are just now getting close. It was one of our favorite cruises, and was actually our 10th Disney cruise together. I'm so thankful that Andrea is such a good planner, found a Florida resident rate for us, and that Grandma and Grandpa were able to join us. The cruise was such a fun way to get in the Christmas spirit and we're looking forwards to Christmas!

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