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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Paige's birthday weekend with Grandma Genie

On Wednesday, April 25th, Grandma Genie flew in from KC to visit us and to help us celebrate Paige's 8th birthday. On Wednesday and Thursday, she made brownies and hung out with everyone and on Friday we drove to Orlando to start our fun filled weekend. On the way in town, of course, we stopped at Uno's. We checked in at the Waldorf Astoria, and unpacked and I finished up some work.

Friday evening we went to Magic Kingdom and we had beautiful weather and not too many crowds since some of the visitors were leaving.

We had a big first for both kids too. Neither one had ever ridden Space Mountain, and it was exciting for them both to ride it for the first time. They did great, and loved the ride. We had a fast pass for it, and would have ridden again, but the line was super long.

On Saturday morning, we got up and drove over to the American Girl Doll store for Camille's appointment. Grandma Genie got Camille for Paige for Christmas, so it was extra special that Grandma was able to come with us to see Camille's makeover. While we waited for our car, we snapped a few pics outside the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

We arrived a little early for Camille's appointment, but were able to get right in. Paige picked out a cute braided hairstyle for Camille and some nail polish as well. They had cute little chairs for the dolls and there were an unbelievable amount of clothes, toys, and accessories in the store.

After Camille's appointment we did some shopping and then ate at the Bistro. Camille had a cute little chair and was served some doll sized goodies as well. Paige got a rootbeer float and we all enjoyed our lunch. I think every table had a little girl who was celebrating a birthday and we were excited when we finally got our chance to sing to Paigie Pie.

After lunch, we snapped a pic outside the store with the birthday girl and all of Camille's goodies.

Paige loved her matching PJ's with Camille.

In the afternoon, we went out to the pool and did some swimming and goofing off together. We all enjoyed some complimentary frozen drinks and the warm weather.

On Sunday, we packed up our room and then we drove to the Animal Kingdom. We hadn't been to the Animal Kingdom park for around four years, so it was interesting to see how it's changed. Connor didn't remember the park very well and Paige didn't remember it at all.

When we first arrived, we went quickly to the Everest rollercoaster and I rode it with Connor and Paige. Paige almost backed out, but at the last minute she ran up and got in line with us.

I was a little nervous they'd be too scared on the ride, but they both did awesome on it and really enjoyed it. We probably would have ridden it again, but the line was getting longer and longer as more people arrived at the park.

We rode a few of the rides around the park, had lunch, and ended our day at the new Pandora section. It was our first time there, and it was neat to walk through it and take it all in. We had a fast pass for the river ride, and we were pretty disappointed. It was a slow moving boat and pretty much just had some interesting lights and robotic animals running around. There was a "Flight of Passage" ride that was very popular, but unfortunately had over an hour and a half long line and we couldn't get a fast pass for it.

After we got done in the Pandora section we drove home and got ready for our work and school week coming up. Monday was Paige's official birthday, and Grandma Genie and I got some Chick-Fil-A nuggets and lemonade, and surprised her at lunch. Paige's friend Emma sat with us and we enjoyed our time experiencing her school and seeing her in her element. She loved the surprise!

On Tuesday morning, Grandma Genie flew home and thankfully she made it safe and sound. We are thankful that Genie has become so adventurous and independent and is willing to make the trip to see us and celebrate our Paige's birthday with us. Paige really loved it all, and I'm thankful that Andrea and Genie planned so many fun experiences for her. I'm sure Paige will remember it forever.

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