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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Anniversary weekend

Andrea and I were home alone this past week since the kids and dog were at "Camp Grandma and Grandpa Vernon" last week. During the week, I worked like normal, and we spent our evenings together. We went to the beach a couple of times to walk together, went to Barbara Jeans a couple of times to eat peach cobbler, and enjoyed our adult time together. On Friday afternoon we drove to Amelia Island for a weekend at the Omni. Our 14th wedding anniversary was Monday, so we celebrated just a little early over the weekend.

On Saturday morning we went out and did some "Pedal Boarding" through the marsh. It was a nice way to move through the water and it wasn't too difficult. We managed to stay upright through the adventure and it was fun, although we liked the motorized boat tour we'd done in the past a bit better.

Saturday night, we went to "Steak Out" and had our favorite steak dinner. It was a fun time together and I appreciate Andrea planning it and putting it together for us.

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