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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Gobles Summer Visit 2021

The Gobles came to Florida this past week for a quick visit. We were thrilled that we got to see our buddy Graydon again so soon after all our fun in Big Canoe and we all made sure to have some fun while they were in town. Graydon probably likes swimming in our pool more than both of our kids combined and both Connor and Paige were cute about spending the night together with him in the bonus room. Paige gave up her room for Ryan and Amanda, and we expected that she'd sleep next to Graydon upstairs, but Connor didn't want to be left out so the three of them crowded together on the couches.

Millie Mae loved the visit. She liked to chase the kids around and yip at them. She also loved to roughhouse with Ryan, I think he gets her more riled up than anyone else. 

On their last day in town on Friday we all went to lunch at Barbara Jeans and in the evening after I finished work, we all went to the beach and Millie Mae got to go too.

I took them up to the airport today at 4:15am and they are safely home. We're looking forward to our next summer adventure and we're glad we got to see the Gobles while they were in town!

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