Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Monday, August 16, 2021

Millie Mae Swimming in our Pool

Millie Mae has enjoyed going outside with us and has been getting more and more comfortable around water. When I take her to jog on the beach she will sometimes run through the shallow surf if she's getting hot. She also seems to enjoy her showers and will sit under the water, close her eyes, and will lean back in to the spray. Paige has been taking her in the pool a few times, but mostly just when she's holding Millie or putting her on the raft. Millie's been forced to swim a few times, but it's only when I put her in and make her. She's never jumped in the pool, or really gotten very close to it voluntarily.

This Sunday, after I went for a jog, I was hot and I jumped in the pool with Connor. I told him to bring Millie out and we were having fun in the water and encouraged Millie Mae to play with us. I could tell she was torn and struggling with the decision. She wanted to play with us but wasn't sure about the water. Finally she was over by Connor and the spa area and she jumped in on her own. She is a good swimmer and once she gets going she doesn't really seem like she wants to stop. She'll swim over to us but once we reach out for her she'll turn away. If you are holding her you can feel her straining to get away. She just swims and swims and swims, legs constantly going even when you lift her out of the water. It's pretty hilarious and we're proud of her for overcoming her fear of the water and enjoying herself.

Andrea got a video of Millie Mae jumping in after she was pretty comfortable with the whole process.

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