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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, November 8, 2021

Chill weekend at home

It was a pretty chill weekend at home this past weekend, not a lot interesting going on. The weather got pretty cold (by our Florida standards) and a big storm rolled through and it rained a lot over the weekend. We didn't do much on Saturday, mostly just relaxed. Andrea got her CEU's (Continuing Education Units) and did a bunch of online classes to keep her Speech Pathologist license current. I did a little work around the house, and the kids goofed off. Andrea took the kids shopping and got them some new clothes and we ate at Cheesecake Factory for lunch.

On Sunday morning the rain slowly left the area, but I wasn't able to play tennis as the PVIC courts were too wet. The kids were able to have their tennis lessons, and I took them over to Bolles and ran with Milie Mae while they played tennis. 

In the afternoon we watched some football and Paige gave Millie a bath. Andrea took a picture of Connor, Millie Mae and me chilling and watching football in the evening. That's pretty much the only pic for the week!

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