Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Connor's Last Accutane Pill


It's been a long road for Connor, but he finally finished his Accutane regimen. He started over a year ago and they ramped his dosage up over time, but he tolerated it best with a low dosage. The low dose meant that he had to go fairly slowly. He had to stop taking it for a few periods of time when his toes would cause problems, or his eyes would get infected. Connor's had some rough side effects, especially his dry lips. They were often swollen and painful, as well as dry, but he's been tough to get through it and his acne has been clear. We hope that it's been worth it for him and his skin stays blemish free, he's definitely earned it. 

When Connor took his last pill he actually suggested that Andrea take a video to celebrate and mark the occasion.

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