Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Graydon Sleepover

Saturday afternoon, we went to Creekside Highschool to watch Graydon's I9 flag football team. Afterwards, he came home with us to spend the night and hang out with his cousins. We threw the football around outside, he shot hoops with Connor, we played a lot of ping pong, and we won a squad game of Fortnite together (mostly thanks to Connor). We set him up on my laptop in Connor's office and he has fun gaming with the kids and hanging out with us. 

This morning Millie Mae ran up to see if he was here and unfortunately woke him up pretty early. I made him some scrambled eggs and toast before I went to tennis and then he went with us to lunch at Beach Hut cafe in the afternoon, where he enjoyed a big plate of French Toast. He's such a good guy, and we love hanging out with him. The Gobles are going to watch the Chiefs vs Bears this afternoon with us, so we have a lot of quality time with our buddy Graydon.


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