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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Chiefs vs 49ers - Superbowl LVIII + Taylor Swift

This football season has been extra fun because our Chiefs have had a dramatic season, and Taylor Swift has been to a lot of the games since she's currently dating Travis Kelce. Everyone but Connor in our family likes Taylor Swift's music, and Andrea and Paige saw Taylor this last summer in Denver, so it was exciting to see two of our favorite things come together this year.

The team's had a lot of struggles since their offense hasn't been performing as well as previous seasons, but their defense has improved quite a bit and they made it to the playoffs. All season we've been rooting for them, and cheering for them, but we have been saying all along that we didn't think this team really had a chance to make it to the Superbowl, much less to win it. The Chiefs won the Superbowl last year and we didn't think there was any way they could win another back to back. The Chiefs proved the pundits, analysts, and all of us wrong as they triumphed during some difficult road games and made it to the final big game. Taylor flew back from Japan, where she had multiple performances ahead of the Superbowl, and she made it to Vegas in time to cheer on the Chiefs.

The game itself was the most stressful game I've ever seen. We decided to watch it at home rather than with anyone else, because we knew we wouldn't want any extra distractions. The four of us started off watching it together, but the kids couldn't take it and wandered in and out of the room as the game went on. The first half was a defensive struggle and the Chiefs couldn't get anything going, and the 49ers managed a couple decent drives. It was 3-10 at halftime, and I don't think anyone was predicting such a low scoring game. 

The second half saw some good drives, a few lead changes, and as time expired the Chiefs drove down the field to tie up the game at 19-19. I started with my Chiefs shirt on, but changed out of it because apparently it was bad luck. Paige fell asleep on the couch and Connor eventually wandered back in during overtime. Andrea couldn't take it any more and went to the office to work on bills and to get her mind off the game. The 49ers scored a field goal in overtime and then the Chiefs got the ball and had a drama filled drive down the field, where they had to overcome a fourth down, and Kelce caught a few great balls from Mahomes to get them to the 4 yard line. By this point Paige was awake, Connor had come in to the room, and I was standing up by the TV, completely nervous and barely able to watch. The Chiefs scored with a short pass on the edge to Mecole Hardman and we all exploded with relief. We screamed at the top of our lungs and I picked up the kids and spun them around. Andrea heard the commotion and ran in to the room to join in the celebration and we all reveled in the victory together. 

We have a camera in the Family room and I pulled the recording off of it and synched it up with the final moments of the game so we can remember our reactions. There's no audio on the camera, which is just as well since it was a lot of screaming and we probably sounded like wild animals.

Go Chiefs!

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