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Sunday, February 18, 2024

Paige and Andrea in Winter Park - Level 7 Tennis Tournament

Friday, January 9th 2024, Andrea and Paige went down to Winter Park for a tennis tournament. The girls enjoyed eating at Uno's, doing some shopping, walking around Rollins College, and of course the tennis tournament. 

The tournament was kind of an odd format where the girls only played one short set to 4, with no-ad scoring. It isn't really a good opportunity to get in to a groove, or to make adjustments to your opponent's strengths and weaknesses. The tournament organizers also split the girls in to two separate brackets and Paige landed in the stronger bracket. Paige won three of her matches, and only lost one. The way they scored the tournament, was odd and even though Paige actually beat the girl that ended up in first place, Paige mathematically ended up finishing in 3rd. Because Paige lost a few extra games, it ended up mattering in the end with the way final scores were calculated. 

The level 7 tournaments are nice because they're fairly fast and only last a day, but the scoring format is unfortunate and I don't think that we'll probably doing many more level 7's going forward. At least the girls had a fun weekend together!

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