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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, March 4, 2024

Connor's 17th Birthday

Saturday, March 2nd, was Connor's 17th birthday. It seems like it was just yesterday that Andrea took him to the DMV to get his license, he's already been driving on his own for a year! 

We were supposed to be going to Tallahassee for a tennis tournament with his high school team, but they canceled it since it was a rainy weekend. Connor was more than happy to chill at home and relax for his birthday. For lunch on Saturday, Andrea and I took him out to lunch at Outback for a ribeye steak. On Sunday we met our Florida family members for lunch at Cantina Louie so we could all wish Connor a happy birthday together. 


Grandpa Rick forgot his glasses, so Paige had to read the menu to him.

Happy birthday Connor!

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Richard said...

That was fun. So nice we could be there to celebrate!