Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Monday, March 4, 2024

Studying with Bubba Brown

Connor's had to study a lot lately and Andrea and I both have been working with him on some of his more difficult subjects. Andrea has done a lot of AP Environmental Science studying along with AP Art History. I've worked with Connor on the Art, US History, and English. It's a bit tedious subject matter at times, but we actually really enjoy hanging out with Connor and we have a fun time with him. 

Andrea and Connor will sometimes work in the Family room on the recliner together, or in Connor's office. I'll sit in his office sometimes, but we both like to recline in the guest bedroom where we can pull up the art on the TV (using Airplay from my phone), so we can examine the details of the art while we read about it.

We  get a bit distracted at times, and Millie Mae is often the cause of it. I snapped a pic of Connor on his laptop, and you can see that he's got Millie in a headlock underneath him. Millie likes to wrestle, and she's the most vicious and rambunctious with Connor. She likes to study more than anyone, but she isn't very helpful.

Some of the art we've studied was on my phone still, so I decided to drop it in the blog post so we could remember it.

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