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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, April 29, 2007

8 weeks old and much more fun!

We had our 8 week checkup on Friday and everything looks good. Connor is growing away and is almost 10 pounds now. He's 23 1/4 inches long which is in the 60% range, and in weight and head size he's in the 25% range. He's well on track. He was a pretty little baby when he was born, but he's always been pretty long. Hopefully he doesn't end up with a big gigantic head like his daddy. Mine has trouble fitting through doors and my neck can barely hold it up. If I try and lie down with my head on any part of Andrea she starts screaming because it will crush anything I put it on.

He's been even more talkative now, and this morning we got a video of it. Unfortunately we didn't notice that his burp rag is on the floor in the video and some of my clothes are piled on my hamper. I had just gotten done feeding him and hadn't cleaned up at all when he decided to start talking to me. The mess drove Andrea nuts because the entire house is actually clean except for the little bit that showed up in the video. Connor's pretty cute though, so we uploaded it anyways.

Please excuse the mess!

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Richard said...

VERY cute! What a nice little rascal.