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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tough poop... (It's amazing how interesting it is to talk about poop after you have a child)

Since I'm typing this, Connor will probably cry all night long, but I would like to say that I think he's getting more used to his bodily functions. In weeks past, he would freak out when he had to burp and would wail and shriek shortly before a big poop. Andrea said that when he's like this he's a totally different baby. She lovingly refers to him as her "little monster". Actually, if you look in his Easter basket (previous post) you'll see a shirt we bought for him that says: "Mommy's little monster". It definitely fits him sometimes.

The last few days he's seemed to be coping with things a little better. He still dirties more diapers than I could have thought possible, but at least he is dealing with it more introspectively.

Earlier today he was chilling out on the boppy and I was trying to get a smile out of him. He still hasn't had one yet, but he is definitely locking on more routinely with his eyes. Since he wasn't interesting in smiling or talking, I thought I would take some pictures. Seconds before his diaper exploded, he started looking very thoughtful. I managed to get the picture below a moment before he erupted.



Richard said...

He's really working at it. Tough job. But he's cute even when he's pooping. Still, I'm glad you're cleaning it and not me.

Alice said...

wow - he's so bright eyed and handsome - that introspective look shows he will be a deep thinker! Grammy Alice