Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tough poop... (It's amazing how interesting it is to talk about poop after you have a child)

Since I'm typing this, Connor will probably cry all night long, but I would like to say that I think he's getting more used to his bodily functions. In weeks past, he would freak out when he had to burp and would wail and shriek shortly before a big poop. Andrea said that when he's like this he's a totally different baby. She lovingly refers to him as her "little monster". Actually, if you look in his Easter basket (previous post) you'll see a shirt we bought for him that says: "Mommy's little monster". It definitely fits him sometimes.

The last few days he's seemed to be coping with things a little better. He still dirties more diapers than I could have thought possible, but at least he is dealing with it more introspectively.

Earlier today he was chilling out on the boppy and I was trying to get a smile out of him. He still hasn't had one yet, but he is definitely locking on more routinely with his eyes. Since he wasn't interesting in smiling or talking, I thought I would take some pictures. Seconds before his diaper exploded, he started looking very thoughtful. I managed to get the picture below a moment before he erupted.



Richard said...

He's really working at it. Tough job. But he's cute even when he's pooping. Still, I'm glad you're cleaning it and not me.

alice v said...

wow - he's so bright eyed and handsome - that introspective look shows he will be a deep thinker! Grammy Alice