Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Connor's first visit to Odessa

This last weekend Connor went on his longest road trip so far. I could tell he was in the mood for some barbecue, and everyone knows Grandpa Garry can cook a mean bratwurst so we decided to have a visit.

First we stopped off at Buddy and Renie's house so they could inspect the baby.

Looks like he's got all his toes...

Maybe his eyes are a wee bit squinty...

Thankfully, they approved so we got to keep the little monster!

Next we headed over to the Anders house where we ate some BBQ and played some kickball.

He just had to get a picture with Pa Pa Garry and Grammy Genie.

We forced him to take a picture with his cousin Allison and he looks pretty angry about it in the picture. He may well have gotten some cooties on him. We gave him a bath though, so hopefully he'll be alright.

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