Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Connor's three month pictures are up!

We took Connor to the photographer for his 3 month shots. These were the day after we switched him back to Enfamil, so we were worried he'd be scowling in all his pictures. He didn't really want his picture taken at first, and in picture 11 you can see what he thought of the whole operation when we were getting started. The photographer, Jennifer, does a great job getting babies to smile and by the end of the session Connor was cracking up and having a great time. We really think we got some priceless pictures.

Link to the photographers website:


Kelly said...

ah that #11 picture....perfect timing!

alice v said...

There wasn't a bad picture in the whole lot, but I loved picture 11 too - his expression is priceless. Are you getting that one? I think I want it. Grammy Alice

Richard said...

Looked at these again today. You've got some really good ones here. I think mom said she ordered four.