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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Night with the Rudolphs

This last weekend Connor got to spend a lot of time with his cousins! Now that he's a big boy and three months old he's allowed to spend the night with Aunt Abby and Uncle Nate every once in a while. I had a talk with him before he spent the night and told him no hitting or biting or I'd drive out there and bring him home. He reasoned with me that he should still be allowed to bite since he doesn't have any teeth and I couldn't argue with his logic, but I stood firm on the 'no hitting' rule. The little guy's part Chinese and he's wicked quick with his kung fu chops.

Aunt Abby said he was a good baby and his cousins Drew and Allison both helped out a lot with him.

Here he is, looking sad that he has to go home with boring Mommy and Daddy:


alice v said...

Connor looks like he's worn out from all the fun he had at his cousins' home! I bet they made sure he can take all the commotion and activity in stride - that's great for the little guy. Did he say thank you nicely to the Rudolphs? Granny Alice

Kelly said...

So cute! He's growing up so quickly, and I still have yet to meet him! :-(

(btw...I just finally created a blog on However, it's so different from other blogs I can't figure out how to "add" you...I think I need your google e-mail address?)