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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Exersaucer fun!

We started Connor on the exersaucer and he has been doing a great job with it. He is pretty content sitting in it for up to 15 minutes at a time, which for Connor is a LONG time to do the same thing. Usually we've got to switch activities every few minutes or he gets bored, but he loves grabbing on all the toys and spinning around. He seems to love being able to look around the room and I think it's a nice change of perspective for him. He isn't sitting up unsupported yet, so he's used to lying on his back, or craning his neck from a prone position to see the world unless someone's holding him up.

Here's an action shot of Connor attacking the Giraffe.

Connor and I (Shawn) have both been a little sick since Connor's immunizations a couple weeks ago, but we're both getting better. Connor actually slept from 9 p.m. last night to 7 a.m. I was planning to get up during the night with him, and it was a welcome reprise, however I still had dreams about getting up with him and woke up every time he made a noise. At least I'm no longer having waking dreams where I'm taking care of him. I don't know if I mentioned, but the first few weeks we had him home, I'd find myself walking around the room in the middle of the night looking for him because I was convinced he was in bed with us and tangled in the covers. He never did, and never has slept in bed with us; however Andrea would still find me wandering around in the middle of the night looking for him. Those nights weren't very restful and I'm glad Connor and I are both sleeping better. It's getting better for all of us!


Richard said...
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Richard said...

I was showing these pictures to people at work the other day. I try not to brag too much - hard to do though with such a cute grandson. The people at work said how cute he is. I agree.

Alex Vernon said...

You always had weird dreams... Remember the 'Big Red Spot' incident?

Bibi said...

Well, I am glad to see that an exersaucer was such fun for your baby, I am running a blog on exersaucer and more baby products in the future, actually I was just started it and I was looking for parent opinions when I found your blog. I am happy to hear about it.

Chris Vernon said...

Alex - we should never talk about the big red spot dream...Shawn doesn't need that one coming back. Connor is growing up so fast, I'm showing his pictures around at work too and getting lots of compliments. Hit that giraffe once for me!