Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Monday, July 30, 2007

New and improved baby!

It took weeks after his last shots, but Connor's healthy and he's better than ever. His congestion's pretty much cleared up, he's sleeping through the entire night without getting fed, and he only ever needs a diaper change if he does wake up.

He's also much more fun during the day. He's been smiling for a while, but recently you can actually get him to laugh. You can get him to smile by being sweet and talking in a high pitched voice, but he loves to laugh in the face of danger. The only time I really got him laughing hard is when I was threatening to spank him. I asked him if he was "hankerin' for a spankerin'" and he giggled at me. I decided I'd show him who the boss was, so I raised my voice and told him I wasn't scared to "spank the baby" and I clapped my hands together. Instead of giving me respect, he started shrieking with laughter. We went back and forth with threats and laughing for a while, and even got a little on video, but I haven't gotten a chance to upload it yet.

His Uncle Nate also got him to laugh once. He made up a somewhat frightening version of the "Kit Kat - Gimme a break" song coupled with some kind of frenetic dance. I'm not sure if the dance is scarier or the song, but Connor thinks it's hilarious. This one's pretty hard to explain, but it's also on video and we'll have to get that one uploaded ASAP.

For now, we've got a few pictures of Connor working on being a big boy. He's been practicing his sitting and standing recently. He's got huge, powerful legs (maybe a teeny bit chubby) and he can support his weight easily with them. He isn't very good with the balancing yet, but he's working on it.

1 second away from a face plant-

Huge, Powerful Legs!!

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