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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Belly Baby

We were pretty worried about Connor for a while. He was VERY picky with his eating and for a long time hardly seemed to eat a thing. A few times this winter he got sick and barfed, and we got pretty concerned that he wasn't getting enough to eat. Well, we're not so worried any more.

For the last couple weeks he's had an insatiable hunger and never seems to get full. He's gotten a little less picky, though he still definitely has his favorite foods. His belly gets so huge and distended after he eats and it is as hard as a rock!

He's still fit into some of his 12-18 month clothes, but his belly's started to outgrow them and we think he's on the verge of a growth spurt.

Big belly!!


alice v said...

did he get any Irish food for St. Patrick's Day, he's got some Irish in him, you know!

Stephanie said...

Too funny! Bella has a belly like that too. It looks hilarious! We laugh at it all the time. Jack is just a brick, very square. =)
Can't believe Connor is 2!