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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, March 2, 2009

Connor's first day at school on his birthday

Connor's actual birthday is today, and it was his first day at school. To start in the toddler rooms, the children have to be two, so we waited until this day to start him at the preschool. It's a Montessori school and his teacher is Ms Leah. She's been teaching Montessori to young children for over 25 years and seemed to have a love for the work and definitely knew what she was doing.

Connor was very shy at first when we went into his new classroom, but he seemed interested in what everyone was doing and he didn't make any fuss after we left. He's in a small classroom with seven other children who are all between two and three years old. The other children seemed friendly and were all very cute.

We knew beforehand that he was going to have to drink out of an open top cup, serve himself his own food, feed himself and clean up after himself, but we were still surprised to learn that no bibs were allowed! We'd dropped him off in a white shirt (the same lion birthday shirt he wore at his party - Mommy did wash it) and were very pleased that he came home with it still white and mostly clean. We were a little nervous that no pacifiers were allowed, we've still been letting him use them when he sleeps and when he's in the car. Thankfully that didn't seem to bother him too much at nap time, Ms Leah said he whined a few minutes but fell asleep. Usually they play outside, even when it's cold, but today it was very cold and they didn't get to. We're interested to hear how Connor enjoys playing outside with all the kids, it's supposed to be much warmer the rest of the week.

It sounds like Connor loved school today. Ms Leah said he did great, and when we got home we noticed he seemed a lot more confident and energetic. At first wondered if it was just our imagination, but he's definitely more talkative and interactive than ever. We were hoping that more time with children his own age would be good for him, and he already seems to be responding to it. So far so good!

Connor being shy when we got to the school:

Part of Connor's room:

Yesterday we had Papa John's pizza, one of his favorite foods, for his birthday dinner. We wanted to get him something special tonight for his dinner and got him a happy meal from McDoanld's. He took one bite of his hamburger and then told Mommy "no". He's a very picky eater, so we weren't surprised that he didn't like the hamburger. He's not much of a meat eater. He would, however, eat the french fries. He ended up eating a small fry, green beans, banana, and yogurt. It turned out to be healthier than we thought. Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Some statistics from Connor's last doctor appointment:
Weight: 26 lbs - 30th percentile
Height: 34" - 35th percentile


The Mama said...

Happy Birthday Connor! You are such a big boy with your new school. It looks like a lot of fun. How impressive that you went without your binky!

Richard said...

What a guy - what a big guy. Hope the rest of the week goes just as well. I remember another little boy who liked school too - but one day this little boy decided he didn't want to go to school. He was about 3. Mom couldn't get him to go. He stiffened his body and mom could wrestle him into the car, so this stubborn little boy stayed home that day. But he ended up doing just fine.