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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Playground fun

With the weather getting warmer we've been able to finally start going to the little neighborhood park again. Connor's got a playground at school and we were impressed at how well he gets around on everything now. He's very good at the slide, waits his turn, and sits down nicely when he goes down. He usually throws a fit when it's time to go, no matter how long we've been there, but it's so much fun you can't blame the little guy.

The park:

Going down the slide:

Banging on the bells:


alice v said...

it's so nice to see how he's growing and thriving. Keep us posted on this blog. we love it

Richard said...

Great to see these pictures. Wish I could hug him more often. Give him one for us.

The Jackson Family said...

Elise can't wait to meet you on Saturday, Connor!