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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bubbles and Ball with Chloe

The video above is pretty long, but it's pretty cute. Connor loves to play catch and any time he does he gets very bossy with Chloe. Usually he yells at her to get up on the couch before he'll throw the ball, but this video's kind of fun since he lets her play.

Action shot, throwing a ball:

He still is in love with trucks and cars. He carries them with him everywhere he goes in the house.

Yesterday cousins Drew and Allison came to visit and our neighbor Jamie came over with her daughter Makenzie. Jamie brought over some bubbles. To say Connor loved the bubbles would be an understatement. He absolutely went nuts for them.

Afterwards we had to clean the bubble mess off the kids and they all took a bath together.

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Richard said...

Cute video. We have some pictures of you guys in the tub with friends. Want to see them sometime?