Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Connor and his puppy

It's been fun to watch Connor and Chloe interact. Typically Connor is very bossy with Chloe and she's very patient with him.

He always gets in trouble for it, but sometimes when he's mad he'll smack Mommy or Daddy in the leg or if Chloe's too close he'll swat at her.

When Connor's outside he loves to go up and down the sidewalk and he loves to bring Chloe along with him. He'll insist Chloe comes with him and usually rides in his stroller/tricycle/wagon/car down to the end of the street and then gets out and runs back with her. They're so cute together.

In this video, Connor doesn't like the fact that Daddy's in the way at the end of it. Also notice that he's holding one of his trucks. It seems like he's always holding one.

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Anonymous said...

That guy is sooo cute. I like the little babbling comments as he approaches. Very cute little man.