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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bunnell's visit

This Friday, our pool was finally hooked up and ready for action. It took 2 full days of constant watering from a hose to fill it up, but it finally got done on Friday morning. RD, the pool company owner, came out around noon and started flipping switches and got everything turned on. It was exciting to see it all come to life.

At 4:30, our friends Chad and Rachael Bunnell came over with their little girl Kennedy and their son Keagan. 

Kennedy seemed to enjoy herself.

Paige played with her a little, but mostly they just ran around and splashed in the baby area.

Connor and Paige got their first chance to really swim in the pool. We told Connor that we'd give him a new toy car if he would swim all the way across and he made it! He needed a little boost from Mommy and he flipped over to breathe although he really didn't need to. It wasn't a perfect swim, or very graceful, but he did it!

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