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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Daytona fun with Grandma Genie and Grandpa Garry

We hadn't really planned it, but on Friday night we were talking about our Saturday plans and decided on a whim to go to Daytona Beach on Saturday. It's always one of my favorite things to do and it's a good excuse to stop and eat at Aunt Catfish too. We planned our trip to arrive at Aunt Catfish when the opened. We got a few pics of the kids playing on the playground while we waited. 

Our food was delicious as always.

Afterwards, we went to the condo and played at the beach and the pool all day. 

Connor was a swimming machine. He was very confident in the pool and did a wonderful job. He even has gotten braver about swimming down underwater to retrieve toys. 

Paige was very impressive today. Ever since her ISR swimming lessons we know she knows how to float, flip over, and swim but she never does it. She is content to wander around the outside of the pool and maybe every once in a while dip herself in to the water by the steps. Today, Mommy and Daddy held her in the water a bunch until she started to get comfortable.

She was clinging to me tightly as she usually does, and little by little I convinced her to relax and play a little. I pretended to sleep and she'd wake me up, then I would tell her to sleep and would dip her hair back in the water. Eventually I laid her in the water and she floated a little. She started to get upset, so I picked her up, expecting her to shriek and cry. Surprisingly, she only whined a little for a moment and then said she wanted to "sleep" again. Using that game, we got her to float a whole bunch in the pool. She could do it all day, it's so easy for her. Eventually, when she wanted to be done "sleeping", I'd have her flip over and grab on to me. I decided to test her a little and on one of the flips over, I was a little further away. I was hoping she'd flip back and float when she needed to breathe, but I was juuuuuust close enough that she kept reaching and kicking and didn't flip over. I grabbed her, but it was a little too late and she swallowed a big gulp of water. The water came back up, along with some fruit snacks. I caught it all and we washed off in the shower, and decided it was a good time to quit swimming and go in.

Andrea did get a cute picture of Sissy "sleeping". There were a few good pictures, but I liked this one best because you can tell she's smiling.

For Dinner, we stopped off at River Grille on the Tomoka. The restaurant had a really nice outside seating area with a view of the river and the food was a good mix of seafood and "regular" food. I'm not a seafood eater, so it's nice when the menu has variety. We definitely loved the food and ambiance and plan to go back.

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