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Vernon Volumes text

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paige and her art + her ideas

Paige has really been in to her art lately. She'll get out piles of paper and will go through them pretty quickly drawing all kinds of things. Unfortunately many of them have been fairly incomprehensible until lately. Yesterday she drew some really pretty rainbows with people. I took a photo of one that obviously has me in it. I don't just know that because she told me, you can really see she captured my good looks.

She's also said a few cute things lately so I have to write them down before I forget. The other day she told Andrea that she was going to have two kids when she was a Mommy some day, a little boy and girl. The little girl would be named "Shiny" and the boy would be "Reddy". I'm not sure if I spelled those right, but Paige doesn't know how to spell so we'll just go with that.

A few days ago we were getting ready to jump in the pool and she told me we should take turns. She said that she should go first since she was a girl. I asked her how she knew she was a girl and she stopped and thought for a minute and looked at me. "Because I have long these" she said, and pinched her eyelashes between her fingers. So, girls have long eyelashes and boys don't. Got it. She said she learned that from her teacher at school.

Back to the artwork, I got a few pics but she did not want to be bothered. She takes her art very seriously!

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