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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Amelia Island Tennis weekend for Valentine's Day

This weekend, Andrea and I went to the Cliff Drysdale Tennis resort at Amelia Island to celebrate Valentine's Day together. The weather was a little chilly at times, but it was sunny and once you got moving it was perfect and cool. We got in on Friday after I was done with work and had clinics on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In total, we played about 10 hours of tennis. It was very fun, we got some different perspectives on our game, and we definitely got worn out!

After our first clinic on Friday, we watched an exhibition match with four of the pros. 

We'd thought about going out and doing something fancy and fun on Saturday for Valentine's Day, but after 3 hours of clinics and 2 hours of Round Robin, we were pretty tired. We got dressed in some warm comfy clothes and went to the little cafe on property. It was a nice quiet dinner and plenty romantic for us.

On Sunday we had clinic in the morning and then we were all done. In the closing remarks, three of the pros gave out small trophies to three of the people in attendance. Sal chose me! He said I'd improved a lot since the last time we were out, that I was always hustling, and did well throughout the weekend. It was very nice to hear the positive encouragement. I won the Cliff Drysdale Tennis Amelia Island Super Star award!

We're glad we went, we had a blast, and learned a lot. Andrea played really well and had a lot of great shots and was super aggressive on the tennis court. I'm so happy that she put our fun weekend together! Love you Andrea!

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