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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Daddy daughter dance with Paige

On Friday, our neighborhood has the annual Daddy Daughter Dance so Paige and I got all fancy and dressed up for the party. Andrea found the cutest dress for Paige to wear and got her matching shoes, sweater and a bow. We took a couple pics before we left and Paige even did her princess hand pose.

We had some time before the party, so we went to the Cheesecake Factory and ate some dinner. Paige was a perfect date and kept commenting on how fancy everything was, even on the neat circle and diamond pattern on the seat cushions.

We arrived fashionably late to the dance and still had a couple hours to enjoy our time together there. The DJ interspersed a lot of different games with the music, but Paige mostly just wanted to dance, do hula-hoops, and play with Kenlyn.

Kenlyn was a super sweet friend with Paige and danced with her quite a bit, did the Limbo with her, and played duck-duck-goose.

We had a wonderful time together, and Paige had a bunch of fun. She has been so very sweet since her surgery and it was nice to go do something special with her.

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