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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Relaxing swings at Losco park

It was a beautiful day today outside, so after breakfast with Mommy at Cracker Barrel, I decided to take the kids to Losco Park. Mommy had spent the entire day with them yesterday while I was at a match, so it was a good opportunity for me to spend some fun times with the kids. Paige had brought up her favorite swings, the big red swings at Losco Park. We call them the "Relaxing Swings" since you don't have to pump your legs or anything, you just relax in them while Daddy pushes.

When we got there, there were a bunch of kids playing, and a couple birthday parties in progress. There was also a man with his grandson and granddaughter and he wasn't too concerned about sharing the relaxing swings. He was on them constantly for about 30-45 minutes. We waited somewhat patiently while we played on the rest of the playground, kicked a soccerball around, and threw a football.

Eventually, one of the swings opened up and Paige got to swing for a bit.

After about 5 minutes, we were interrupted by the sweet siren call of the ice cream truck! We got a few ice creams and some water.


As we were leaving the park, both swings magically opened up and the kids got to swing together. They relaxed while I pushed, and I tickled them a bunch, which is the best part.

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