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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Camp Vernon - Connor and Paige at Grandma and Grandpa's for a week

This past week the kids spent the weekend with Grandma Alice and Grandpa Vernon at their house for a week. Grandpa and Grandma planned all kinds of fun activities with the kids. They got to play with the animals at the house, helped Grandma take care of the neighbor animals, made some friends in the neighborhood, went swimming at the neighborhood pool, went to the library, and played all kinds of games. 

The neighborhood brought some animals from the zoo for the kids to see. The kids got to touch some reptiles and learn about the animals.

On Friday we met everyone at Cantina Laredo for dinner and then we went to the beach to take a stroll.

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Richard said...

It was a fun week. We tried hard to have some sort of activity every day. Pretty tiring for old folks, but the kiddos are generally very good and let us have our rests. Grandma found fun entertainment and movies to watch in the evenings and there were plenty of animals to visit, watch, or go see. Grandpa made pancakes a couple of times and grilled burgers and doggies, and we went out for steak one night. They both liked that. They are very good readers too. We went to the book store and then the library and got a bunch of books. I think they had a pretty good time.