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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Disney Dream 5 night cruise to Castaway Cay twice and Nassau

On June 2nd, we drove to Port Canaveral to start our 5 night cruise on the Disney Dream. The itinerary was a new one that Andrea found and they had just started. Since the Magic was sailing to Europe I guess that they had some more availability at Castaway Cay, so on this cruise we made a stop there on Saturday, then Nassau on Sunday, then Castaway Cay again on Monday. Tuesday was a sea day, and then we were home on Wednesday.

We got on the boat with no problem, then had to endure the emergency drill. We got situated in our room and went to dinner. In the morning, we got everything together and went to Castaway Cay. Our best buddy Mickey was the first to greet us, so of course we had to get a couple pics.

We decided to try and start at the slide since the tide was out and the monkey bar area was shut down. The slides were PACKED, so we swam out and goofed off with the big water bucket, but we didn't wait around for the slides.

Once the tide came in, both kids did the monkey bars and rope courses. Connor easily handled both and showed everyone who was the boss.

Paige was hesitant as she always is when we get out over the water. She can do a thousand monkey bars at the playground, but it's always a big deal to get her to try at Castaway Cay. Most of the kids can barely get across three or four before they fall. Paige did amazingly well, and could/should have finished the monkey bars, but I think she figured she was close enough and was worried about the fall. I was sure to be right there for her when she dropped in.

For lunch, the kids went to the kids area. Andrea and I rode the tram out to the adult beach and ate the buffet there. Afterwards, we swam a bit in the ocean and swam out to a sandbar. It was covered with water that day, but it was barely up to my knees, so it was fun to be far out in the water and still have it shallow.

Once back on the boat, we goofed around and I watched Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 while Andrea took the kids to the Golden Mickey show. On Sunday morning, we were at Nassau, and we stayed on the boat. In the morning we went to see the princesses.

The rest of the day we enjoyed the pools and hot tubs on the boat, and then in the evening Paige got all fancy at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. She wore her Elena dress, and she was stunning in it. Her fairy godmother did a humongous bun for Paige and at first we were a bit put off by it, but actually grew to love it.

After dinner we were in the lobby and happened to see them getting ready for a princess presentation. The girls that had makeovers in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique were being presented to everyone and to a special dance. Paige had been the first appointment, so apparently they'd forgotten to tell us, but when they spotted her nearby, they invited her to join in.

After the presentation, I got to dance with Paige and the rest of the princesses.

We took some pics with Daisy and then Paige danced with Paige for a bit as well.

In the evening, Connor went to the kids club and the rest of us solved some mysteries together. Connor made a bunch of buddies in the kids club. He's so social now, it's really cute to see him outgoing and confident. He said it was his favorite cruise because he met so many friendly boys his age and got to play all kinds of games with them. We actually let him roam around a bit on his own and he went to the basketball courts by himself and would check in from time to time when we told him. He was very responsible and independent.

On Monday, we were back at Castaway Cay again. We rented a raft, played with the kids, and had another fun beach day.

Once on the boat, we got dressed for Pirate night and took some pics with our Disney pals.

The last day was a sea day, so we did some swimming, watched some movies, and relaxed.

In the morning I snapped a few pics of the kids at breakfast. I enjoyed taking them up and starting our day off with some yummy food.

Andrea got some ice cream with Paige and thought to get some pics of them together. We went to Vanellope's ice cream store a few times on the boat and got some delicious hand scooped ice cream treats.

It was a fun cruise together with the family!

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