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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Last summer camp days 2017

On Friday, Connor and Paige went to their last days of summer camp. Connor did the neighborhood tennis camp and Paige went to the PVIC beach club camp. We were worried Connor's tennis camp would be canceled on the last day since it was drizzling a little and Andrea's tennis camp got canceled. Thankfully Connor's camp didn't get rained out and he got to play with his buddies and see everyone for the last day.

Paige went to her beach club camp and had another wonderful day. She has made a bunch of friends and the camp counselors are all so sweet and adore Paige.

Paige also made friends with a little 5 year old named Nate, who loves to play "puppies" with her in the pool. He pretends to be a puppy and Paige is the owner.

After camp, Paige got a little sad and she teared up a bit. Apparently all the counselors were a little emotional about it too since some of them are seasonal and would be going back to college after summer.

Overall, the kids had an amazing summer. Andrea did an awesome job finding entertaining camps and activities for them, and they were never bored. It's interesting to hear their perspective though. They had some summer homework assigned for their upcoming school year, and they did a little at the beginning of summer, but didn't get it finished. Now that summer's almost over, we have been checking on the work and insisting they finish on time. Connor is acting like it's the worst thing in the world and wrote on a piece of paper that this was the worst summer ever. We talked to both of the kids about their summers and to help them remember all the good times we have had together, and then had them make lists of the things they liked this summer.

Paige's list wasn't too long, but she had some good memories on it.

Connor struggled a bit with the assignment and the first couple tries weren't his best effort. He put things on the list just to fill up space like "Getting Haircuts" and "Doing Math Homework". Andrea coached him through it and made him come up with 5 things in some of the major categories. It finally came together.

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