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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Chloe's lump removal

Chloe's had a little growth on her back for a while now, and it hasn't bothered her so we haven't bothered with it. Recently though, she's had a lump on her right front leg that's been annoying her. If left alone, she would lick it until it was raw and red and disgusting. We've been trying to keep it covered up with gauze, but inevitably she would get it off and would go at her leg.

Last week Paige and I took her to the veterinarian to have it looked at. The vet recommended we remove the leg lump and while we were putting her under anesthesia, we decided to remove the one on her back as well. While she was under anesthesia we also had them clean her teeth, cut her nails, and clean her ears.

Paige enjoyed going to the vet and seeing the animals there, as well as a kitty in the lobby. Chloe was completely exhausted and so anxious after the visit. She collapsed in a heap in the front seat on the way home.

Today, Chloe went in at 7:30 for surgery. She was so scared, it was hard to leave her there. I got a call around 11 that everything went well and after work I picked her up at 4:30. She was so upset and wasn't feeling good. On the way home she was whining a bit and she's definitely been tired and a little sad. The sutures look good and her teeth were also doing well considering her age. She had to have one small tooth extracted that was loose. It was definitely a tough day for her.

Hopefully she will be feeling better soon and everything will heal up nicely. We love our teddy bear!

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