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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Weekend with Daddy, Emily, Quinn, and campout

Andrea's out of town with her tennis friends, so I had the kids to myself for the weekend. On Saturday Paige was playing Roblox with her friend Emily and they wanted to get together, so after I got done with my morning tennis we picked Emily up and went to lunch at Trasca. It was fun to chat with Emily and get to know another one of Paige's friends over lunch. We got some spaghetti and pizza and the kids enjoyed mixing all the different soda flavors together.

After lunch we went back to the house and the girls swam. Connor invited Quinn over and they played basketball for a bit and the girls jumped in and played with them too.

We had to take Quinn home by 5, so after we dropped him off we went by Whits for some frozen custard before taking Emily home. She was a good friend with Paige and polite too, she said thank you for lunch and for the ice cream.

Once the kids were home with me we got some things together to celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday and then we setup the tent for a campout in the lanai. We'd tried it a couple years ago when Mommy was at another tennis weekend with friends and Paige has been really keen to try it again ( Last time we got rained out, so this time we set up the tent in the lanai under the covered area.

We set up the tent, blew up the air mattress, and got our pillows and a night light all setup, then we crowded in the tiny tent together. It was super hot at first and we had one of our most powerful fans blowing on us, but we were not very comfortable. We read a chapter out of one of Paige's books, then we all fell asleep. Around midnight Connor woke up and was hot and uncomfortable so he went in to his bed. I woke up a few hundred times from the weird animal noises outside, from Paige rolling around and kicking me, and from being too hot at first and then around 2am being too cold. I'd thought about going in around 3am, but Paige was sound asleep and I didn't want to leave her out in the tent alone, so I stayed out until she woke up around 7:15. Paige enjoyed it and I'm glad we were able to accomplish our campout this time around. 

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