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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Paige's 9th birthday party

On Saturday, we celebrated Paige's birthday a little early, along with her friends Maddie and Abby. Andrea picked up some goodies for her from Allie's cakes, and we got her some balloons and decorations for the inside and around the pool. We've been remodeling the outdoor kitchen, and while it's not completely finished, we were able to schedule it so most of the important stuff was wrapped up in time for the party. Before Paige's friends showed up, we took a few pictures of Paige with her decorations and cake.

Maddie showed up first and they got dressed in their swimsuits right away and jumped in the pool. Abby showed up a little later, and the three of them played and swam all afternoon together. Connor got in for a little while with them and they all had fun with the inflatables and pool toys.

For dinner we had Papa John's pizza and then we cut Paige's cake and sampled all of the goodies.

After dinner, we cleaned up everything and the kids played upstairs in Paige's room. They had a really fun time with all of Paige's toys and they put together a cute little sleeping area on the floor made out of sleeping bags, blankets and pillows. As we expected, it took the girls a long time to fall asleep. Well after midnight I finally got them to lie down and after I got them to lie still with their eyes closed for a few minutes and sang some bedtime songs, they all fell asleep.

Paige enjoyed her day so much. Abby and Maddie are both such sweet girls and good friends to Paige. All three got along the entire time and we are happy that Paige was able to celebrate her birthday with them. Happy birthday Paige!

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