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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Ritz visit for Andrea's birthday

On Saturday we left in the morning for Amelia Island to spend the day at the Ritz. We stopped by Marche Burette on the way through Amelia Island for lunch and then arrived at the Ritz, hoping for an early checkin. Unfortunately our room wasn't ready so we wandered around the property to see what was going on. For the Easter weekend, they had all kinds of fun family stuff setup. By the pool we got some cute balloons, Paige got her face painted, and the four of us were drawn as cartoons playing tennis together.

At three there was an animal show in a conference room and we got to see a bunch of lizards, turtles, snakes and an alligator. Paige was excited to get her hands on all the creatures and she got to be very involved in the show. Connor pet the alligator when the host brought it around, and he also volunteered to be one of the seven kids that held the big albino python.

After our room was ready we lounged around a bit and then went back to Marche Burette for steak out for dinner. Unfortunately there was quite a long wait, but we eventually got seated in a nice spot outside where it wasn't too windy.

We got two big honking 36 oz steaks. It was quite a bit of work chopping them up and working around the bone and fatty areas. While we all got enough to eat, I think next time we'll get different steaks to share since these were quite a bit of work.

That evening we went to bed and were woken up at 12:30 by our smoke alarm shrieking. We stumbled out of bed, got dressed, and then realized it was only our room that had an alarm going off. We called the front desk and they said they'd send someone up. We had to wait in the hallway since the alarm was so unbearably loud. They removed the smoke alarm and we were able to get back to sleep eventually.

In the morning we went to the indoor pool to swim for a while. I roughed the kids up and threw them around for a while and then they played and raced together in the pool. It's been pretty hot out, but unfortunately this weekend was a bit cold and windy, so the indoor pool was a great option to have available.

We enjoyed our visit, happy birthday to our special lady Andrea!

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