Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Homecoming 2021 - Connor's Freshman Year Homecoming


Due to the COVID pandemic Connor's school chose not to host a Homecoming dance this year, which was a bit disappointing. Some of the other schools in the district moved the Homecoming schedule so they could make it work, but not so with PV. Some of the families with Freshman boys at PV put together dinner reservations for groups of kids and Connor was invited to join them at TPC for dinner. A couple groups of girls with similar plans and the moms coordinated pics together before dinner. The kids were also invited over to a brave family's house for some swimming and they even had a DJ. It was a pretty big group, so that was really awesome that they volunteered to do it.

Before dinner, we snapped pics of Connor in his new suit. The suit had been quite the project to get together on short notice. We'd ordered some pieces on Amazon, I'd gone shopping with Connor at Town Center on Thursday, and thankfully Andrea did some looking around and picked up the suit Connor ended up wearing. 

We got some cute pics of all the kids together and Connor ended up having a lot of fun with everyone. We're thankful that he got to experience something fun for Homecoming with his classmates.

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