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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Millie Mae Beach Pics and Leaping Video


Millie Mae and I went to the beach over the weekend and I even let her sleep in bed one night. She is a very good dog lately and we've been enjoying the somewhat cooler weather and have been outdoors quite a bit lately. She loves being off-leash at the beach and I've found that since the golf course is closed on Mondays it's a good opportunity to run through our neighborhood off-leash as well. In the neighborhood she wears her remote shock collar so I can zap her if she starts to do something dangerous like dart towards the road, but so far it's just been a precaution and she's listened well and hasn't needed many zaps.

Millie likes to play with the kids and they love chasing her through the house and around the couch. Millie likes to leap on to the couch and I got a few videos of her kicking off the lower part of the couch and soaring across it. She's a surprisingly good jumper with her stubby legs.

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