Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Springfield Homecoming

This past weekend we flew to Springfield for MSU's Homecoming weekend. We've been wanting to go and see Drew while he was a student in Springfield and Alli is too now, so it was neat to get to visit both of them and see their apartments. 

It was a perfect weekend to visit as the weather was nice and cool, Homecoming celebrations and the football game made the campus lively, and the best part is that so many family members made the drive to Springfield to hang out with us as well.

Andrea and I loved to reminisce and see all the landmarks that made our time in Springfield special. We went by the Professional Building where Andrea spent a lot of her time in school and graduate school and her classmate Kim, who is an instructor there now, gave us a tour. We stayed downtown and went on a few walks around the area and found where Jordan's Creek used to be, where Andrea and I first really noticed each other on our first night together. We also went by our dorms, the old house I lived in for a couple years, GLO dry cleaner, and the Cherry Plaza apartment. Andrea met up with her friends Kim and Amanda who are both still in the area, but mostly we spent our time with family.

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