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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Connor!

Connor turned one year old today and had a lot of fun with all his family in town. We had a great time seeing everyone and appreciate all the great gifts for Connor. We've done a lot in the last year, Connor's changed so much already, and it's hard to believe he's so big and so old.

Andrea spent a lot of time trying to find a cake that would be special for Connor's big day, and she designed a pretty neat one:

Connor got his own small cake to demolish. It looked pretty tasty at one point.

Total party animal with the birthday boy shirt and hat:

I'm so hungry I'm eating my hand! Hurry up with that cake!

He fed himself a little, but he liked to just stick his whole face in it!

Mom and Dad are so proud of their big messy boy.

Thanks for the presents everyone!

We made it a whole year already! We're a very happy family.

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Unknown said...

I had so much fun at Connor's birthday party. I can't believe that he is already one year old. He looks so cute in his shirt and hat!