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Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's day green

Connor was sure to wear his green today for St. Patrick's day. He is very pinchable and didn't want anyone to have any extra excuses to pinch him. His top two front teeth have been coming in lately and he hasn't been in the best mood recently. We tried to get one good picture of him for St. Patrick's day for the blog, but it looks like we'll have to settle for 3 decent ones instead. He definitely wasn't in the mood today.

Connor actually took his first real steps about a week ago. We've tried to catch it on camera, but he really only does it if everything lines up just right. He's been walking along the side of the couch for a while, but he wouldn't take any steps away from a hand-hold. Last week, he was playing with his activity table which was about 2 feet from his exer-saucer. He got it in his head that he wanted to play with the exer-saucer and I almost missed it when he started walking over to it. He was actually standing between the table and exer-saucer when I noticed him. He'd taken a few steps away from the table and had paused between them, considering his options. You could tell he kind of wanted to just drop down and crawl, but he was so close to the exer-saucer. After a second or two he made up his mind and lunged the last few steps to the exer-saucer and grabbed the edge of it. We were all very excited for him, but he didn't seem to think it was a big deal. It just happened to be an easier choice than crawling at the time. He's done it a few times since, but he definitely still prefers to crawl.

He's good at walking if he's got something to hold on to:

Playing patty-cake with Mommy:


Richard said...

Better get him those jogging shoes. Pretty soon he'll be outrunning both of you... Ha.

alice v said...

did Connor drink any green Irish Grog today? he's got some Irish blood in his makeup, you know, at least on the Vernon side. remember Great-Grandma Delores' maiden name was Page - very Irish on that side. but of course, the Chinese in him makes him extra special, heehee. Grammy Alice