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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

The Easter Bunny came last night and left Connor all kinds of goodies. Connor got a basket filled with eggs, flash cards, sippy cups, a book, a chocolate bunny, and he also got an abacus toy.

When Connor was visiting the doctor for his 1 year checkup, he really enjoyed playing with the germ covered abacus in the doctor's office. The Easter Bunny must have noticed, because sure enough, there was a super deluxe abacus waiting for Connor on Easter morning. Unfortunately we noticed the Easter Bunny stole our debit card and used it to buy the abacus from We wish Mr. Bunny and his pal Santa weren't so cheap.

The toy is perfect for babies because they don't lose the little pieces and it's perfect for mommy and daddy since they don't have to track all the parts down or worry about Connor eating the beads. It's actually got 5 different sides with different activities and Connor really enjoys it. It's sturdy too, Connor's beaten up on the wires and they haven't bent at all.

Yesterday Shawn and Andrea got to go out for the day while Grandma and Grandpa Anders watched Mr. Connor. They brought him an Easter bag filled with eggs, a book, and some athletic gear!

Thanks guys!

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