Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Conversations with Connor - And bugs!

Connor's still not speaking with us in English, but he loves to talk. He will string together multi-syllabic sentences of gibberish and he seems to think he's stating something important with the way he looks at you. I got a little bit of our conversation on camera today about what he did with his shorts...

He still loves to play outside. It's definitely his favorite thing. He finds bugs absolutely fascinating and he loves to squat down and watch them. Sometimes he tries to pick them up, sometimes tries to stomp them, but mostly he just watches them.

He's also been working on his coloring and his puzzles. He has a lot of trouble with his puzzles still, the pieces are actually pretty tough to work with and you have to line them up perfectly for them to drop into place. He gets frustrated sometimes and tries to mash them in as hard as possible. Earlier today tried getting a running start and then bashing them down, but that didn't work very well either.

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Richard said...

Wonderful clip of Connor talking. He has a very serious voice. We listened to it a number of times.