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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Connor's new cousin

Sophia Lynn Goble came home to live with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Amanda on Friday October 2nd!

Connor doesn't really pay much attention to Sophie, he's more interested in cars. Chloe is getting a little old and isn't too interested in playing with Sophie. Andrea and Shawn just love Sophie though. Andrea says she wishes she was going to have a puppy right now instead of a baby! It's hard not to love a puppy and Sophie is cute and easy to like.

We visited Sophie yesterday and had a great time playing with her. Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ryan let us come over and see her, and we think it's neat that all 3 Anders girls have Schoodles (Schnauzer+Poodle mix).

Shawn, Connor, Chloe and Sophie

Andrea with Sophie

Grandpa and Grandma Anders came by to visit with Connor and Sophie, and Connor wore the neat Halloween shirt they got him. He loved playing cars and seeing the fish with the Grandparents.

We had fun yesterday visiting the Gobles and eating chili with them!

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