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Monday, December 7, 2009

It's a girl!

This morning we went in so Andrea could have her ultrasound. She was really a trooper about it because they were running terribly late as all clinics tend to. She had to drink a ton of water, and although she really knew better she followed their instructions and drank it well in advance of the appointment. They ran over an hour late and Andrea had to hold her water, but was determined to get a good ultrasound done. She was worried that we hadn't been able to tell the sex of Connor when we did his ultrasound because she hadn't been able to hold it for the appointment (they ran late that day as well).

Today, everything appeared to go swimmingly. The baby was moving like crazy and we had a very nice tech that spent a lot of time looking at whatever we wanted to. She took some digital pictures during the appointment and even a few videos (everything's below). Everything looked great, there were no concerns at all from the appointment, and she even had time to look between the legs five times to make sure we weren't missing anything. She was fairly confident (she said 85% sure) that it was a girl, so Andrea's excited to start buying pink things, although we were warned to keep the receipts.

Andrea in the ultrasound room

Nice profile view

The between the legs shot, it looks like a girl!

Some limbs

Profile of the body and head

The foot!


Big stretch!


The Gaddis Family said...

Congratulations!! Connor will make such a good big brother for his new little sister!

The Mama said...

Congratulations you guys! That's so exciting Connor will have a little baby sister!!

Richard said...

Exciting! Another little family member - and a little sister for Connor. Should be fun.