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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Connor's outfit

Paige was a handful this morning, so Daddy asked Connor to be a little self sufficient. When Connor said he had to pee pee, Daddy told him to go ahead and go on his own. He's been pretty good at it lately and often goes by himself. Daddy was pleased when Connor came back and reported "I made pee pee!". Daddy was less pleased when Connor followed it up with "Pee pee on the floor."

Daddy set about cleaning up the pee pee that got on the floor and told Connor to go get dressed. Connor picked out his own outfit from head to toe. Blue and orange hat went nicely with the orange shirt. Not quite so well with the gray shorts, and nothing really matched the bright baby blue Mickey socks. Nice work though Connor!


Richard said...

Cute guy.

Alex Vernon said...

he doesn't have the best aim yet? must take after daddy's handgun shooting. ZING!