Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dawson BBQ

Our neighbor the Dawsons had their annual Memorial day BBQ this past weekend. It wasn't exactly on Memorial day this year, but around the general time of the holiday. A lot of their high school and college friends showed up as well as most of the neighbors on our block. There were a lot of kids this year, the numbers of kids seem to double and triple each year.

Connor really had fun with all the kids although he was a bit tentative at first. They played water limbo, which mainly consisted of filling up cups of water and dumping them on people.

Connor took a little while to decide whether to get wet.

Finally he went through.

He also LOVED the jump gym thingy.

Paige got held a lot. She mostly slept. It was pretty warm out and she loved the balmy weather.

Opened her eyes a little bit for this last picture.

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